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TPE Yoga Mats offer Service Apartments

TPE Yoga Mats

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This double thick Yoga Mat is double cushioned closed cell foam with a non-slip surface providing extra comfort and protection for yoga poses, pilate exercises, and stretching routines.1. Material: TP...

PVC Yoga Mats offer Service Apartments

PVC Yoga Mats

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Yoga Mat provides an excellent non-slip surface which is ideal for yoga practice and stretching routines. The textured non-slip open cell surface provides excellent traction and grip to help keep...

NBR Exercise Mats offer Service Apartments

NBR Exercise Mats

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Exercise Mat is an absolute must for performing all the various forms, exercises and methods pertaining to fitness activities in comfort and style. It also has a ribbed surface for a better feel ...

Foam Blocks offer Service Apartments

Foam Blocks

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Foam Yoga Block is made of high-density EVA and comes at 2 sizes: 3"X6"X9" (7.6*15.2*22.8CM) & 4"x6"x9" (10.1*15.2*22.8CM); The high density foam and anti-slip surface can provide outstanding sup...

Wobble Balance Board offer Service Apartments

Wobble Balance Board

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This round Wooden Balance Board is used by physical therapists and personal trainers around the world. It is made of highly durable materials and has a non-slip surface for improved traction. This Woo...

Balance Cushion offer Service Apartments

Balance Cushion

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Balance Cushion is an excellent tool to add an extra level of difficulty to any workout. Light and inflated, it can be taken and use anywhere. Slip resistant surface provides safety to your daily...

Crossfit Leather Jump Ropes offer Service Apartments

Crossfit Leather Jump Ropes

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Leather Jump Rope is a heavy duty jump rope that can develop speed, quickness, coordination and agility. With wood handle and leather rope material, it is strong and powerful to use.1. Material: ...

Battle Rope With Sleeve offer Service Apartments

Battle Rope With Sleeve

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Battle Rope is a simple exercise tool that offers a multi-dimentional workout for total-body training. It can improve the endurance of shoulder, back, arms, increasing metabolic rate. It is perfe...

Thick Sauna Suits With Hood offer Service Apartments

Thick Sauna Suits With Hood

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Premium Sauna Suits is made by rip-resistant dual texture fabric. It is excellent for the gym training and losing weight since it is extra thick and warm and it works so quickly to get the result...

Classic Sauna Suits With Hood offer Service Apartments

Classic Sauna Suits With Hood

Service Apartments - - CNY 10

This Hooded Sauna Suit is made from heavy-duty vinyl. It seals in body heat, boosts workout benefits by keeping muscles warm and limber while burning additional calories. Advanced than regular vinyl S...