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Dustbin With Lid offer Toys - Games

Dustbin With Lid

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

1) Use 100% pure raw materials, non-toxic, non-polluting, and without any odor. 2) The barrel body is high in strength and resistant to deformation. 3) A variety of specifications 8L / 10L / 12L, ca...

Trash Can Sensor offer Toys - Games

Trash Can Sensor

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Product features: 1) Our infrared sensor smart trash can be used without touching it by hand. The lid will open and close automatically, so it's best to be in the kitchen, living room or bedroom. 2)...

Trash Bin Kitchen offer Toys - Games

Trash Bin Kitchen

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Our Services: 1.OEM / ODM service We have a professional R&D department that can develop different products for different target prices and different requirements. 2. Sample service We have stabl...

Rubbish Bin Kitchen offer Toys - Games

Rubbish Bin Kitchen

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Instructions: 1) Remove the bin assembly from the package and find the 3 parts, the outer tub, the inner tub and the lid. 2) Find the battery device, which is behind the lid and place a single recha...

Trash Can For Bedroom offer Toys - Games

Trash Can For Bedroom

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Product Features: 1) 100% pure raw materials, safe and environmentally friendly. 2) High strength and anti-deformation. 3) Dual-use 8L / 10L / 12L, inner barrel can be removed. 4) 3000 tests were ...

garbage bin kitchen offer Toys - Games

garbage bin kitchen

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Operating instructions 1) Remove the product from the package and find the 3 parts of the product, inner barrel, outer barrel and lid. 2) Locate the battery and insert the battery into the battery ...

Trash Can In Kitchen offer Toys - Games

Trash Can In Kitchen

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Product features: - When you want to throw garbage, keep your hand close to the sensing window by about 30 cm, For 0.3 seconds, the lid opens automatically. - If you continue to throw, the lid s...

Garbagecan offer Toys - Games


Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Why Choose Us: We are committed to provide you with the best price and best service. We not only guarantee good quality but also stable quality. We sincerely hope to establish long-term business re...

Waste Paper Basket offer Toys - Games

Waste Paper Basket

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Product features: 1, the new sensor trash, is a high-tech, environmentally friendly smart products. 2. Using ABS material, high toughness. 3. It is easier and more convenient to operate. Smart bin...

Waste Bin Small offer Toys - Games

Waste Bin Small

Toys - Games - - CNY 10

Product advantages: 1. Suitable for indoor, office, living room, kitchen and other places. 2. Our smart inductive bins are stylish and atmospheric, and are more suitable for high quality life. 3. ...