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Conventional wisdom conveys to us that if we reduce caloric intake, we will ensure weight loss due to energy deficit. But for a long term weight loss solution, it's not that simple. First, let's go through what NOT TO DO. DON'T reduce calories drastically by skipping meals. Doing so will only cause undesired muscle loss, faulty thyroid hormone production and decrease your metabolism. Yes, you do lose weight initially. But as soon as you start eating normal, you'll end up putting it all back plus extra fat. Secondly, DON'T rely on low-fat foods since they're usually compensated with increased sugar (calorie) intake - your enemy to weight loss. Never get caught by 'low-fat' or 'fat-free'. Read the full nutrition labels and you'll agree. So your goal is to limit bad (saturated and trans) fats. Finally, DON'T cut off carbohydrates completely. The enticing quick drop in scale weight is mainly water loss. More importantly, when you minimize carb intake, your body having limited glycogen reserves will produce its own by breaking down muscle tissue. Not as ideal since muscle is metabolic active tissue - calorie burner.

As long as you're eating smart and supportive, you can lose weight without starving or restricting yourself from the food you enjoy. It's achievable without exercise, but the results will prove more significant when you combine structured resistance training, cardio exercise along with supportive nutrition. The first thing you should do is to always include a source of protein and adequate fibrous carbohydrates into each of your meals (i.e. avoid consuming refined / processed carbs by itself). Next, increase your daily calorie expenditure by integrating resistance & cardio exercise. You'll not only burn calories during the workout session; research has shown that every ½ kg increased lean (muscle) mass will help you burn an extra 20+- calories. Moreover, muscle, i.e. being higher in density remains less than one third the size of fat of equal weight. In short, it pays to carry muscles and your clothes fitting looser even if your weighing scale does not budge.

A good start would be to reduce simple sugars, refined carbs while switching to healthier fats, such as fish oil, sunflower & flaxseed oil which are rich in omega 3 & 6's. Use a 3-5 meal daily foundation which consists of good protein and fibrous carbs every 2.5-3.0 hours apart. It's a case of what & when you consume rather than just what you avoid eating. I recommend taking 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil in the morning to ensure your body gets the essential fats (contributor to fat mobilization). I've used the above strategies with all my clients, showing promising results in terms of fat loss. You should be able to apply them to your own routine with real success.

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