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Graphited PTFE Packing With Aramid Fiber Corner -CNY 10

Publish Date: 11-01-2017 08:52:17 | Contact name: lynne.yang | Location: CHINA | Place: 31.Pengmin Rd,Baisha Street | 9 times displayed |

SpecificationsGraphite PTFE packing with aramid cornerItem No.: JSP-AR40Graphite PTFE packing with Aramid fiber corner packing is a high quality combination of PTFE/graphite yarns diagonally braided with corners of aramid fiber to reduce gap extrusion. This is a special packing for applica- tions at high pressure range and simultaneous oscillating movements as in plunger pumps.Item No.JSP-AR40Propertiesfiber materialPTFE AramidadditionsPTFElubricating agent =silicone freeyesdensity approx.(g/cm³)1.5Range of applicationstemperature min.(°C)-100temperature max.(°C)280steam(°C)PH1-14pressure p (bar) rotary pumpspressure p (bar) piston pumps500pressure p (bar) valves100speed (m/s)3ApplicationsPaints,dyes (silicone-free)×Abrasive and sticky media√Water,industrial water,seawater√Hot water,boiler feed water,condensates√Vapors,sour gases,nitrogen√Oxygen×Mineral oils,animal fats√Heat transfer oils,synthetic oilsoDiluted alkali,saline solutions√Concentrated alkali×Inorganic acids diluted,saline solutions√Inorganic acids,concentratedoSolvents,other organic compoundso√=suitable; O=Limited suitability; ×=unsuitable

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