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AC Axial Exhaust Cooler Ceiling Fan With Speed Regulator -CNY 10

Publish Date: 11-01-2017 20:54:56 | Contact name: Linda | Location: CHINA | Place: Building 4, No.228, Yulv Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, China. 201801. | 1 times displayed |

Germany NORD motor Aluminum Alloy Hub Long Life Span Large Coverage Area Place of Origin: China Certificate: CE MOQ: 1PC Unit Price:$2000 to $2500 Delivery: Within 8 days after order confirmationSIYI HVLS Fan is "High Volume Low Speed" fan. It's low noise, stable, large coverage area, energy saving and maintenance free. The blade is our own design. The core part like motor and VFD are "Nord" and "REXROTH" brand, which are both imported from German. SIYI HVLS large ceiling fans are used in large facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, farms, large retail stores, sports arenas, stations, airports and other large buildings, and become an ideal choice for ventilation, cooling and dehumidification of large indoor space. SIYI Fan Advantages: 1) SIYI fans adopt Germany NORD motor and France SCHNEIDER or GERMANY REXROTH inverter, which ensure the fan with long life span.2) The blades are dealt with powder coating so as to resist dust and corrosion very well. 3)Whole fan is guaranteed for 3 years. 4)Hub is made of aerometal and extra 1pc of steel plate.Which model do you want? Technical Specifications  Model SYD38 SYD48 SYD61 SYD73 Fan Diameter 3.8M/12FT 4.8M/16FT 6.1M/20FT 7.3M/24FT Numbers of Airfoils 6PCS 6PCS 6PCS 6PCS Voltage 220V/380V/415V 220V/380V/415V 220V/380V/415V 220V/380V/415V Frequency 50HZ/60HZ 50HZ/60HZ 50HZ/60HZ 50HZ/60HZ Power 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW 1.5KW Weight 98KG 116KG 145KG 155KG Height 1.1M/3.3FT 1.1M/3.3FT 1.1M/3.3FT 1.1M/3.3FT Coverage Area 700M² 800M² 1100M² 1300M² RPM (min/max) 20-55RPM 20-55RPM 20-50RPM 20-50RPM Air Volume 6500m³/min 8600m³/min 11500m³/min 13000m³/minWorking Principle in Winter In winter, heat air always gathers on the higher space in the closed building. That is why in the large commercial space, even if we turn on the air conditioner to the largest point, people on the ground still feel cold. Under such circumstances, we need turn on the HVLS big ventilator fans to make it rotate in reverse direction so as to eliminate the separation of the cold layer and the heat layer and push the heat air to circulate well. Our Cases 

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