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Ribbon Cutting Machine offer Stationery

Ribbon Cutting Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

roll cutting machine LC1100 is suitable for cutting various log roll materials such as Insulation tape/polyester tape/ PVC/OPP/PE/Masking tape/Double-side tape/Plastic films/windows film/3M tape/fiber...

330mm Mini TTR Slitter Rewinder offer Stationery

330mm Mini TTR Slitter Rewinder

Stationery - - CNY 10

This mini ttr rewingding & slitting machine can help you Rewinding 110mm*300m roll to sample roll 110mm*30m/50m or other length....

FY1600JC Fabric Slitting Machine offer Stationery

FY1600JC Fabric Slitting Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

FYJC is a all purpose fabric slitter, it does not only can slit woven fabric but also the non woven fabric....

Paper Cores Cutting Machine offer Stationery

Paper Cores Cutting Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

CCA series paper core cutting machines are a kind of semi auto paper core cutting machine with unloading function.They are very cost effective core cutting machines and suitabel for small and meidum c...

TTR Cutting Machine offer Stationery

TTR Cutting Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

This TTR cutting machine is professional for slitting:barcode ribbon,fax ribbon,pigment foil, hot stamping foil from 4~20um....

Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine offer Stationery

Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

very cost effective hot stamping foil slitting rewinding machine for those who want low investment to have a perfect slitter...

Core Cut Machine offer Stationery

Core Cut Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

CC300H Paper core cutting machine is a paper core cut machine using for cut long paper tube into small width cores....

Ribbon Winding Machine offer Stationery

Ribbon Winding Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

FY800C nylon ribbon winding machine equipped with effective cold blade,this is a professional machine for cutting and rewinding Nylon ribbons and other non-woven fabrics....

Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machine offer Stationery

Hot Stamping Foil Slitting Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

professional hot stamping foil slitting machine with 1300mm width, it is suitable for those who has plenty experience in cutting and need to expand capacity....

Kraft Paper Core Cutting Machine offer Stationery

Kraft Paper Core Cutting Machine

Stationery - - CNY 10

high speed automatic half inch and 1 inch kraft paper core cutting machine is made to cut the small size paper core inner diameter from 12 to 25.4mm, half inch from 1 inch....